What is ANZO Hand Sanitizer and what does it do?

ANZO Hand Sanitizer is a fast evaporating, extra powerful hand sanitizer. It has been formulated exactly according to WHO standards, and contains > 65% alcohol. It kills 99.999% germs and bacteria.

Do you make a liquid or gel Hand Sanitizer?

We make a liquid Hand Sanitizer. ANZO Hand Sanitizer has a fast-evaporating, non-stick and fast action formula.

Does ANZO Hand Sanitizer have any odours or scent?

The ANZO Hand Sanitizer is made exactly to WHO requirements, and so you may notice a strong scent. This is because it is extremely powerful.

Do you offer pumps and sprays?

Yes, we do. At this time, however, pumps are not available and so we only have flip-tops and sprays.

How often do I use ANZO Hand Sanitizer?

You should use ANZO Hand Sanitizer every time you go out or come in physical contact with another person, so that you can eliminate any and all bacteria and germs that you may have picked up.

Are alcohol based sanitizers flammable?

Yes. Please do not bring the ANZO Hand Sanitizer close to any flames. You should also never leave any alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the car during hot weather.

How do I get the pump on my ANZO Hand Sanitizer to pop up and unlock?

Simply twist it, and it will unlock and pop up.

Does ANZO Hand Sanitizer really kill 99.999% of germs?

Yes. ANZO Hand Sanitizer has been formulated so that it can kill 99.999% germs and bacteria instantly. This means that when you put a blob on ANZO Hand Sanitizer onto the palm of your hand and rub your hands together, it kills all the germs on your skin.

Is it safe to use ANZO Hand Sanitizer if I’m pregnant? Is it safe for my children?

ANZO Hand Sanitizer has been specially formulated to be safe to the entire family. It is safe on the hands and gentle on the skin. It protects from germs and bacteria and

Does using hand sanitizer lead to resistant bacteria?

No. When you use ANZO Hand Sanitizer, it will kill all the bacteria on your hands. There will be no bacteria left to be resistant.