What is the best way to use ANZO Drain Cleaner / ANZO Drain Opener?

Simply pour ANZO Drain Cleaner into the drain and wait for a few minutes (15 – 30 minutes) before running the tap. The drain will be emptied immediately.

Always wear gloves when using ANZO Drain Cleaner. Do not inhale.

Is ANZO Drain Cleaner an acid-based product?

No. ANZO Drain Cleaner is not an acid-based product. It will not harm the surface nor will it release any fumes or bad odour.

Does standing water need to be removed before use?

No. Simply pour the proper amount required and wait for 15 – 30 minutes for the drain to be cleaned. Then run warm water for a couple of minutes.

Does it release fumes upon use?

No. ANZO Drain Cleaner does not release fumes upon use.

Does ANZO Drain Cleaner release a bad odour upon use?

No. ANZO Drain Cleaner does not release a pungent smell upon use. In fact, it has a long-lasting refreshing fragrance, that will greatly improve the ambience.

Does it cause exothermic reactions?

No. The ANZO Drain Cleaner is safe and easy to use. There are no exothermic reactions or fumes released upon use.

What can it remove from clogged drains?

ANZO Drain Cleaner can remove grease, hair, soap, food, algae and plastic from clogged drains.

Can Drain Cleaner be used for plastic piping?

Yes, it can be used for cleaning clogged plastic piping.

Is ANZO Drain Cleaner really that much better?

Absolutely! Most other drain cleaners that you will see in stores or online are acid-based drain cleaners, that will only hurt the surface and destroy the piping / drainage system of your house. ANZO Drain Cleaner is a non-acid drain cleaner, specially formulated to protect the surface and open all clogged drains.

How is it sold?

ANZO Drain Cleaner is sold in bottles of 500 ML. You can also order an entire carton, which consists of 12 bottles. You can order it online from our website.