ANZO Dishwash Liquid – FAQs

What is ANZO Dishwash Liquid?

ANZO Dishwashing Liquid has been specially formulated to remove grease, baked-on foods from dishes and cooking ware (for example plates, utensils, pots, etc.)

What else can I use the ANZO Dishwash Liquid on, other than dishes?

Aside from dishes, you can also use the ANZO Dishwash Liquid to clean:

  • Cookware, pots, pans and utensils
  • Dirty hands
  • Countertops and Kitchen appliances

Won’t there be any wastage in ANZO Dish Wash Liquid, compared to the bar / tikiya?

No. In fact, ANZO Dishwash Liquid will save spillage and significantly decrease your cost. When you use a dishwash bar / tikiya, you have to continuously invest and purchase new bars because they dissolve so fast. With ANZO Dishwash Liquid, one drop is enough to wash multiple dishes.

How do I use ANZO Dishwash Liquid?

Simply put a drop of ANZO Dishwash Liquid onto your sponge and begin cleaning your plates. Make sure the sponge is clean and damp when you use it.

You can also simply pour ANZO Dishwash Liquid into the container (without water), soak the sponge in it, squeeze any excess out and start washing your dishes straight away.

You do not need to mix ANZO Dishwash with water, because it will dilute the power and result in wastage.

Will it hurt my skin / hands?

ANZO Dishwash Liquid has been specially formulated to be gentle on your hands and skin. No more blisters, torn skin or roughness!

Is it strong enough?

ANZO Dishwash Liquid is formulated to be gentle on the skin – that does not mean it is gentle on the grease! ANZO Dishwash Liquid will remove all dirt, grease, grime etc from all dishes/pans/pots/utensils and the like with just a stroke or two. You do not need to put in the effort! Leave the cleaning to us.

Do I need to pre-rinse my dishes before using ANZO Dish Wash?

If you want, you can give your dishes a slight, single spray with water. ANZO Dishwash Liquid will easily cover every inch and leave them sparkling clean. You do not have to wash them twice. Let ANZO Dishwash Liquid do that!

Can I use ANZO Dish Wash in my dishwasher?

Yes. Of course you can. Simply pour in half a cap to one cap (of the ANZO Dishwash Liquid bottle) – depending on the size of the dishwasher – and witness the magic.