ANZO Chemicals: Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct and mode of operations as a company is based on the principle of doing the right thing for all our employees and consumers.
ANZO Chemicals is committed to meeting customer requirements through continuous improvement of its quality management systems. We aim to reach consumers across the globe and maximise customer delight by our diverse range of cleaning and personal care products. For this reason, suitable processes have been put in place to monitor, control and manage safety, quality and reliability of our products and services.

Quality of products and services, along with the levels of customer satisfaction, are audited at different intervals by both internal and external audit teams. All processes, quality of products and services, and the resulting satisfaction levels are monitored and measured at intervals; in line with specific department goals and objectives.

At ANZO Chemicals, it is prohibited to accept bribery, favours or gifts of any kind. If anyone is found guilty of such actions, they will be immediately terminated; effective immediately.


Our core values include the following:
1. Safety, health and environment
2. Leadership
3. Ethics and integrity
4. Quality and Continuous Improvement
5. Enthusiastic Pursuit of Profit
6. Candid and Open Communications
7. Enjoyment and Fun
8. Individual Growth and Development
9. Teamwork and Partnership
10. Research and Development
11. Diversity and International Focus