ANZO Cleaning Products is a range of top-of-the-line cleaning products, manufactured, distributed and marketed by ANZO Chemicals. With our own in-house R&D laboratory, we can assure high quality and safe-to-use cleaning products for everyone.

ANZO Cleaning Products are the proud winners of two consecutive Consumer Choice Awards due to our high quality cleaning and hygiene product range. We are the first Pakistani company to manufacture such a wide range of high quality cleaning and hygiene products.

At ANZO Chemicals, every single individual believes in Pakistan, Humari Pechan.

We believe, to our very core, in the astounding potential that Pakistan has; and we work towards inculcating that very same belief in the people we work with, through the work we do and the products we produce. Pakistan is beautiful, and our products represent the rich history of diversity, and the deep beauty of this great nation.

ANZO Cleaning Products are 100% cruelty free and vegan. No animals are tested or harmed at any time during the production of any of our products. We do not condone, conduct, commission or pay for any tests on animals for our products anywhere in the world, and will continue not to do so in the future. We respect life in all its forms, and go to great lengths to ensure that neither we nor our suppliers are in any way linked to animal testing.

We are proud to belong to a rising movement that aims to spread awareness of rights for all living beings, regardless of size.

We believe the key to our success is the support we provide to our customers through informed choice and cost-effective supply solutions. We work closely with our customers to provide them with a wide range of class-leading products and services for their every need.

You can purchase ANZO Cleaning Products online.


ANZO Chemicals – Leadershipand Team

A family company, our leadership approach is family-oriented, yet distinctly ANZO.
We set a clear, rigorous course for developing leaders in every region, and at every level. With an
extensive range of knowledge, expertise and experience, we are consistently betterng and changing
the lives of our consumers each day. We are proud that our diverse team is steadily shaping our
future – for us and the world.
At ANZO Chemicals, our pinciples an value systems are at the foundaton of everything we do.
Our organisational structure is comprised of Selling and Market Operations, Business Services and
Corporate Functions. The latter provides company-level strategy and portfolio analysis, corporate
accounting, treasury, tax, governance, human resources. Information technology and legal.
Our portfolio is organised around 10 major category-based business units; with a focus on efficient
selling, distribution, pricing execution and merchandising for our B2B and B2C customers.


2010 – ANZO Chemicals was incorporated and became an authorised dealer for Engro Chemicals & Polymers Ltd.
2011 – ANZO Chemicals became ISO 9005:2008 quality certified
2013 – ANZO Cleaning Products was launched under the brand umbrella name ANZO. It was the first Pakistani brand to have such a wide scale range of products. The first three products to be launched were ANZO Oven & Kitchen Cleaner, ANZO Drain Opener and ANZO Industrial Degreaser.
ANZO Chemicals received the Consumer Choice Awards for all three brands.
2014 – 2015: ANZO Chemicals became ISO 9001:2015 quality certified. The product range expanded to include ANZO Dish Wash, ANZO Multi-Surface Cleaner, ANZO Hand Wash
2017 – ANZO Hand Sanitizer was successfully launched.
2020 – ANZO Disinfectant and Mist Spray was launched.


ANZO Chemicals: Purpose, Values and Principles

Our Purpose, Values and Principles are the foundation of our culture. Throughout this past decade,
our business has grown and changed; while these foundations endured and remain the same ‘til date.
These values will be passed down to the generations of people to come.
It is our joint purpose of bettering the lives of others that unifies everyone at ANZO Chemicals with a
common cause. We continue to work together, and harder each day, to create strategies to
continuously improve the lives of those around us. This is what inspires the ANZO Family and pushes
us forward every single day.
We aim to provide products and services of superior quality that improve the lives of consumers
around the world. Our values include integrity, leadership, ownership, passion for winning, and trust.
Our principles encompass respect for all living beings, the interests of the company and individuals
being inseparable; focus, innovation and success.

Code of Conduct

ANZO Chemicals: Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct and mode of operations as a company is based on the principle of doing the right
thing for all our employees and consumers.
ANZO Chemicals is committed to meeting customer requirements through continuous improvement
of its quality management systems. We aim to reach consumers across the globe and maximise
customer delight by our diverse range of cleaning and personal care products. For this reason,
suitable processes have been put in place to monitor, control and manage safety, quality and
reliability of our products and services.
Quality of products and services, along with the levels of customer satisfaction, are audited at
different intervals by both internal and external audit teams. All processes, quality of products and
services, and the resulting satisfaction levels are monitored and measured at intervals; in line with
specific department goals and objectives.
At ANZO Chemicals, it is prohibited to accept bribery, favours or gifts of any kind. If anyone is found
guilty of such actions, they will be immediately terminated; effective immediately.
Our core values include the following:
1. Safety, health and environment
2. Leadership
3. Ethics and integrity
4. Quality and Continuous Improvement
5. Enthusiastic Pursuit of Profit
6. Candid and Open Communications
7. Enjoyment and Fun
8. Individual Growth and Development
9. Teamwork and Partnership
10. Research and Development
11. Diversity and International Focus


ANZO Chemicals – A Family Company

As a family company, we care about making lives easier and better for people around us.
ANZO Chemicals was started by Zaki Sharif ten years ago in October 2010. He dreamt of creating a
local FMCG cleaning and personal care brand that could compete in quality with renowned brands
across the world. That’s why we have spent a decade or more creating highly efficient products that
work, with ingredients that are safe to use and ingredients that you trust.
Today we supply cleaning products across Pakistan – and in different parts of the world. We are proud
to be the only local Pakistani company that is certified and also has such a diverse range of high
quality cleaning and personal care products.